Subscription and automatic renewal service agreement

1. Acceptance and modification of terms of service

1.1 This agreement is between you (the individual or other entity enjoying the subscription service provided by NEW WORLD GAME LIMITED) and NEW WORLD GAME LIMITED and its related affiliates (hereinafter referred to as "NEW WORLD GAME") regarding the user's use of the in-game subscription service and automatic renewal service provided by NEW WORLD GAME (hereinafter referred to as "this service") )According to the terms of service entered into, agreement describes the rights and obligations between NEW WORLD GAME and you regarding the use of this service and related aspects.

1.2 This Agreement constitutes a prerequisite for your use of the services provided by NEW WORLD GAME. Unless you accept the terms of this agreement, you have no right to use the services. Your choice to use the services will be deemed as your consent to be bound by the terms of this agreement. When you enjoy this service, It shall be subject to the NEW WORLD GAME license and service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "user agreement") and the NEW WORLD GAME privacy terms (hereinafter referred to as the "privacy terms") )The relevant definitions not described in this Agreement are the same as the user agreement and privacy terms. When you use this service, your use behavior is deemed to be your consent to the user agreement, privacy terms, this Agreement and all kinds of publicity (including but not limited to subscription instructions) issued by NEW WORLD GAME for this service.

1.3 NEW WORLD GAME may change or modify the relevant service contents, rules and terms of this agreement according to its business development or technical upgrading. NEW WORLD GAME will publicize the modified contents on NEW WORLD GAME's relevant pages before making the above changes or modifications, but is not obliged to give separate notice. If the user disagrees with the modification of this agreement, he can cancel the obtained service and stop using it; If the user continues to use the services provided by NEW WORLD GAME, it shall be deemed that the user has accepted all modifications of this agreement.

2. Service description

2.1 Service content

Service content this service is launched for your demand for automatic renewal. On the premise that you open the subscription service or have purchased the subscription service, you can avoid the loss caused by your failure to renew in time due to negligence or other reasons. You authorize NEW WORLD GAME to recharge from your own account when the validity of your subscription is about to expire The third party (such as App Store account) bound to your account will withhold the fees for the next subscription cycle from the balance of payment account, bank card, communication account, etc. (hereinafter referred to as "account").The subscription service contents and prices provided by different NEW WORLD GAME games are different. The details are subject to the subscription contents and prices displayed on the application interface. The premise of this service is that you have bound your NEW WORLD GAME user account with the above account and can successfully deduct money from the above account.

2.2 Service period

The service period (subscription period) includes but is not limited to weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual, etc. (the same below). You can choose according to the subscription period displayed on the application interface when purchasing NEW WORLD GAME's in-game subscription service.

2.3 Automatic renewal

Automatic renewal specifically refers to the deduction method for NEW WORLD GAME to collect the fees for your next subscription cycle through the above account based on the premise of 2.1. After you open the automatic renewal service, it will be deducted automatically before the expiration of each subscription cycle, and the money will be included in your payment record. There may be a display delay in the update of automatic renewal status. The actual situation is subject to the status of the App Store (such as App Store). If you do not cancel the automatic renewal function at least 24 hours before the expiration of the subscription cycle (if it is inconsistent with the cancellation time limit required by the App Store, the requirements of the App Store shall prevail), the subscription will be renewed and deducted automatically. You need to ensure that NEW WORLD GAME can successfully deduct money from the above account. You shall be responsible for the failure of renewal due to the insufficient deductible balance in the above account.

2.4 Refund instructions

This service is an online commodity and a virtual commodity. It adopts the method of charging first and then serving. The subscription fee is the price of the online commodity corresponding to the service you purchased, rather than the nature of advance payment or deposit, deposit, savings card, etc, Once the service is opened, it is non refundable (unless otherwise agreed in this agreement, required by laws and regulations, or judged by NEW WORLD GAME to be refundable). NEW WORLD GAME would like to remind you that you should carefully check your account information, purchased service content, price, service period and other information before purchasing this service (including automatic renewal service).

2.5 System maintenance instructions

Please understand that due to the particularity of the Internet service, the validity of the subscription includes the reasonable time required by NEW WORLD GAME to solve the fault, server maintenance, adjustment, upgrade, etc. or to deal with the infringement of a third party. NEW WORLD GAME will not compensate for the time required in the above circumstances;In case of any loss caused to you, NEW WORLD GAME will not be liable for any compensation except for NEW WORLD GAME's legal fault, but NEW WORLD GAME will minimize the impact as far as possible.

2.6 Ownership of rights

The ownership and relevant intellectual property rights of this service and the products and / or services involved belong to NEW WORLD GAME or are authorized to use. You only have the limited right to use the above products and / or services.

3. Service usage specification

3.1 In the process of using this service, you must not have the following behaviors:

(1) Without the explicit authorization of NEW WORLD GAME, modify the service content, service period, consumption amount, transaction status and other information through technical means.

(2) Provide the service to others through means not expressly authorized by NEW WORLD GAME (including but not limited to borrowing, renting, selling, sharing and transfer).

(3) Crack, change, reverse operation, tamper or other damage to any security measures and technologies used by NEW WORLD GAME to protect the service.

(4) Other acts that are not expressly authorized by NEW WORLD GAME, violate this agreement, laws, regulations or regulatory policies, and infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties or NEW WORLD GAME.

3.2 You know and agree that if you or NEW WORLD GAME believes after independent judgment that you have any behavior in violation of national laws and regulations or regulatory policies, in violation of this agreement or damaging the reputation and interests of NEW WORLD GAME or / and its affiliates, NEW WORLD GAME has the right to independently decide to take one or more of the following measures:

(1) If there is a separate clause in this agreement to deal with this behavior, it shall be dealt with in accordance with this clause;

(2) Take one or more measures to stop your behavior and the consequences of your behavior without notifying you, such as deleting / blocking relevant links or contents, restricting / canceling your account / account permission, etc;

(3) The service is interrupted or terminated in part or in whole without notice to you, and the service fee you have paid will not be refunded and will not receive any form of compensation / compensation;

(4) If your behavior causes NEW WORLD GAME or / or its affiliates to suffer any loss, you shall be liable for all losses and complete the payment within the time limit required by NEW WORLD GAME.

3.3 The service provided by NEW WORLD GAME to you is limited to your use in NEW WORLD GAME games. Any act of separating the service content provided by NEW WORLD GAME from NEW WORLD GAME games by malicious cracking and other illegal means does not belong to the service agreed in this agreement. You are responsible for all legal consequences arising therefrom, and NEW WORLD GAME will investigate your legal responsibility according to law.

4. Interruption and termination of services

4.1 You can choose whether to cancel this service at your own discretion. On the premise of complying with the agreement, you have the right to choose to terminate this service at any time in the in-game automatic renewal management portal or the subscription settings of relevant third-party platforms(If you are an IOS system user, you can go to "App Store - account - subscription" for operation), After termination of this service, NEW WORLD GAME will stop providing this service to you. The instruction you have entrusted NEW WORLD GAME or the App Store to automatically renew and deduct before you choose to cancel the service is still valid, and NEW WORLD GAME will not refund the fees deducted based on the instruction.If you choose not to cancel, it will be deemed that you agree to NEW WORLD GAME's irregular deduction attempt in accordance with this agreement. Once the deduction is successful, NEW WORLD GAME will open the service for you in the next subscription cycle.

4.2 In addition to your cancellation of the service according to Article

4.1 the interruption or termination of the service also includes the following circumstances:

(1) After independent judgment, you or NEW WORLD GAME believes that you have committed any act that violates national laws and regulations or regulatory policies, violates this agreement or damages the reputation and interests of NEW WORLD GAME or / or its affiliates;

(2) NEW WORLD GAME in accordance with laws, regulations, regulatory policies or the requirements of competent authorities.

(3) WORLD GAME needs to maintain account and system security.

(4) Force majeure (force majeure refers to unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions, such as typhoons, floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters; in view of the special nature of the Internet, the force majeure referred to in this agreement also includes hacker attacks, major impacts caused by technical adjustments of telecommunications departments, temporary closures caused by government control, virus attacks and other factors affecting the normal operation of the Internet (situation);

(5) Other situations that NEW WORLD GAME can't resist.

5. Other

5.1 If there is an error in the fee deduction process, you and NEW WORLD GAME should cooperate closely to find out the cause and bear the losses caused by their own fault;In case of losses caused by unequal faults of both parties, both parties shall bear corresponding liabilities according to the degree of fault. If both parties are jointly responsible, both parties shall share the responsibility equally.

5.2 In order for you to better experience this service, you may collect your corresponding personal information. However, NEW WORLD GAME attaches great importance to the protection of users' personal information. Please read the user agreement and Privacy terms for detailed personal information policies. If you do not agree, please do not open or stop using this service.

5.3 This agreement will take effect after you choose to accept or use the service until the user terminates the service, cancels the user qualification, or terminates the user agreement and privacy terms.

5.4 You and NEW WORLD GAME shall settle the dispute arising from the performance of this agreement through friendly negotiation. If it cannot be settled through negotiation, either party has the right to submit the dispute to Kowloon District Court, Hong Kong, China for litigation. The interpretation, validity and execution of this Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the people's Republic of China.

5.5 This Agreement shall come into force as of September, 2021.